Served as a drink or cold soup. Ideal for keeping cold and feeding ourselves healthily. Our product is a mixture of the following ingredients: tomato, water, extra virgin olive oil, cucumber, country-style bread, pepper, Sherry vinegar, sea salt and garlic. Gazpacho is the result of mixing these ingredients, a nutritious drink for people of any age which provides our body with healthy benefits.

Our Solfrío gazpacho is special because it is made from high quality products and following the traditional recipe. This is confirmed by consumers again and again. If you like, please send us your comments.

Ingredients of Solfrío Gazpacho

Ingredients of Solfrío Salmorejo


Solfrío Salmorejo is a smooth, tasty and fresh cream. Perfect for having as a main dish, starter or side dish. Solfrío follows the traditional recipe from Córdoba to make the best salmorejo.

Adding ingredients little by little is the secret for its creamy texture. Its taste is the result from selecting fresh and natural food only. We use the best tomatoes, country-style bread, extra virgin olive oil, water, Sherry vinegar, garlic and sea salt.

Try Solfrío Salmorejo with cured-ham dices and chopped hard-boiled eggs, according to taste.


Without preservatives or thickeners, with top-quality fresh vegetables. Our Solfrío creams stand out for their flavour and creaminess. Following the traditional recipe, our creams are prepared with fresh vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.

We offer a select variety of creams to have at home or in the office. Have at least one cream every day and you will notice the nutritional value of vegetables.

You can choose between Creamed vegetables, Creamed Pumpkin, Creamed Courgette, Creamed Tomato, Creamed Leek and Creamed Pulses. Six delicious recipes providing the portion of vitamins, fibre and minerals your body needs.

In addition, our creams help you be healthy because they are low in calories. Do not miss their traditional flavour and enjoy!

  • Creamed Pumpkin

    Ingredients of Solfrío Creamed Pumpkin
  • Creamed vegetables

    Ingredients of Solfrío
  • Creamed leek

    Ingredients of Solfrío Creamed leek
  • Creamed tomato

    Ingredients of Solfrío creamed tomato
  • Creamed courgette

    Ingredients of Solfrío creamed courgette
  • Creamed pulses

    Ingredients of Solfrío creamed pulses

Solfrío keys

The best vegetables

The best vegetables

Traditional making

Traditional making

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

The most valued

The most valued

What our consumers think

Spectacular, what a gazpacho! I have not prepared gazpacho since I tried it. Congratulations Solfrío.

Moisés Briones, Torrejón de Ardoz

I would like to tell you that your gazpacho is spectacular and causes addiction. It is tastier than many home-made gazpachos I have tried. Luckily, your gazpacho is available in supermarkets all year. (...)

Rafael, Madrid

Gazpacho is amazing. I usually buy it at DIA. I do not get tired of having it. It is a pity that it is not available in winter. Congratulations on your good work.

Loreto, Bilbao

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